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Noteworthy Notices

Every now and then, I receive an email from someone affiliated with an organization that supports ASD individuals and their families asking if I will post a notice about them on my website, and I am more than happy to do so. I am honored to be asked. When I started this blog/website over a year ago, I had hoped for it to become a resource for other parents and those on the spectrum, as well as a way for me (and my sons) to connect with them. Passing along helpful links and information is one way to accomplish that. It is my pleasure to highlight the following organizations:

  • Autism on the Seas provides group cruises for adults and families living with autism and Asperger’s. They specifically accommodate children – and adults – on the spectrum, partnering with Royal Caribbean International and Disney. “We’ve made cruising with autism our expertise,” they say, and their website lists numerous testimonials from happy patrons. I am definitely considering this for a future trip!
  • Possibili-Tees is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that does custom screen printing. They exclusively hire those with autism and other developmental disabilities to print shirts, hats, and other items for camps, schools, sports, conferences, and various events. You can also purchase shirts individually on their website.
  • The Phoenix Zoo has begun fundraising for the 5th annual Zoo Walk, which is on October 17, 2009. Their goal for 2009 is to raise $150,000 for a study of several autism treatments, including diet and nutritional supplements in 100 children and adults. Join them for a great family event and support research on effective treatments for autism!
  • Rethink Autism is a web-based autism treatment platform that helps parents and professionals design individualized, affordable programming to meet each child’s learning goals, while state-of-the-art data-tracking systems allow users to track the learner’s progress. Using ABA-based methods, the video curriculum includes hundreds of exercises and training modules based on proven teaching techniques. The lessons target a comprehensive range of skills in critical developmental areas such as language and motor skills, social and emotional learning, and daily living. For parents who are having difficulty obtaining behavioral treatment for their children, this is truly a valuable resource. Please click on this link to see a video of a CBS News feature about the site:  http://wcbstv.com/video/?id=130578@wcbs.dayport.com

Adventures in Puberty, Part 5

When I left the Autism and Puberty seminar I recently attended, my head was swimming with all the information I had obtained. I had learned about the difference between puberty and adolescence, that there is nothing delayed about the former and that the latter usually is. I learned how to teach about difficult topics like sexual abuse. I learned how the concept of emotional age affects how a child responds to puberty and adolescence. I learned what to teach older ASD teens when they do reach adolescence. There was quite a bit of information to absorb, and I knew that a good deal of it would require some follow-up.

The seminar presenters thought of everything. They provided a list of resources with a wealth of information and tips.