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The Lowdown, Vol. 6

It’s sort of been good-days-and-bad-days around here lately. Good days, like what I wrote about in a recent post, and bad days, like what I don’t write about. I allude to Nigel’s “grumpiness,” which is blog-speak for blatant disrespectfulness; I say that he is doing well emotionally and behaviorally, and days later he is raging and crying about being irresponsible and worthless; I write about him being comfortable at his current school, yet his academic/executive functioning skills are still lacking (putting it mildly), and I have no strength to deal with it now, after years of dealing with it alone. I need a vacation. We need a vacation.

Fortunately, several months ago we started planning a vacation for the week of Thanksgiving. My father, whom I have written about before, is an avid world traveler and wanted to take his two older grandsons on an international trip as their high school graduation gift from him. Not sure what direction his cancer battle would take (he is currently undergoing his third round of treatment), earlier this year Dad suggested that we accompany him on his annual Thanksgiving-in-Thailand trip now rather than wait for their graduations. And so, I am very excited to announce that early Friday morning we leave for a week in Thailand!

The boys are ecstatic about their first international trip – they have read and enjoyed National Geographic since Kindergarten and can’t wait to get out and explore and experience (albeit briefly) another country. Grandpa has planned some amazing activities! And it will be so great to spend some time together. We can’t wait!

In other news, I was recently honored with the Versatile Blogger Award – twice! I’d like to thank both Stacey at The Four Cannons and Jazzy at Jazzygal for thinking of me! Jazzy noted that it would be perfect to post in my sidebar (the green!), and as soon as I have time to do some size tweaking, I certainly will:

Instructions for this award state that I should list seven interesting things about myself, but since I had done that for a previous award (and I can’t come up with seven more at the moment!), I’ve decided to do a variation – Seven of My Favorite Things:

  • Book: The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon
  • Movie: Best in Show
  • Color: green
  • Food: sushi
  • Animal: tiger
  • Country: Greece (so far!)    


I’m going to have to humbly bow out of tagging since I have a huge list of things to do to get ready for the trip, including packing! I’ll be back here with pictures in two weeks!