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The Chewing Issue

When you’ve got a kid who chews things to bits (Lego, ice cubes, wood, hair, his own fingers) due to some extreme combination of sensory issues, OCD, and anxiety, you’re always on the lookout for ways to alleviate that. Medication helps, as does learning relaxation techniques. But sometimes, the bad habits stick around or the sensory issues remain. And even though he stopped pulling out his hair and eating it, the kid still needs to chew.

Enter Chewy Pencil Toppers from National Autism Resources. ┬áThese durable, flexible tubes fit over the ends of pencils (or thin pens) and provide deep pressure through the use of biting or chewing. I recently received a sample and enjoyed trying them out myself! I’m sure they will be very beneficial for Nigel, especially with the potentially increased anxiety due to moving and starting at a new school. Anything that would help relieve his poor, often bleeding fingers certainly has my endorsement!