A Great Idea

I recently received an email from a reader named Patti who had such a fantastic idea that I had to share it here (and add it to the Social Groups page):

“I was reading the posts in your website and clearly most of our kids have little socialization opportunities. I was wondering if parents (local or in other parts of the country) would be interested in helping their kids use Skype┬áso they can actually see and get to know each other over the internet and hopefully eventually meet. Why wait for local kids in our area to have our kids start making friends when there are so many kids across the country waiting to have pals.”

It’s definitely one of those why-didn’t-I-think-of-that? ideas! If you’re interested, please contact Patti at phoenix.newyork@hotmail.com, and thanks for helping our kids connect!

6 thoughts on “A Great Idea

  1. Elizabeth

    That’s so strange. I was just thinking of something similar for kids like my daughter who are non-verbal and have so few friends because of their severe disabilities. Perhaps I need to start a group as well!

  2. jess

    absolute genius! e-mail can be a good first step, especially for kids who might be uncomfortable ‘face to face’ on skype. all hail technology!

    thanks patti and tanya!

  3. Lex Savko

    I think that’s a wonderful idea! It’s important to use those connections to reinforce this basic concept: you are not alone. I think this could be extremely helpful.

  4. Kim

    What a great idea! I’m excited to hear how this plays out, the Roc is too young yet, but I think this could be a great tool for our kids!

  5. Courtney

    I think about this often! In fact, I have recently started the gears in my head to get the ball rolling on a local autism “club”. Not a “support group”. We have one of those, and I don’t even go. My husband went once, and said it was too negative. I went a lot, and loved having a place to vent, but all the other parents had older kids (and most all had aspergers type ASD, my son was the only one younger than 11 and with classic autism… much less non-verbal). The other parents I know with younger, more severe kids can’t get sitters to run off to this support group… and I don’t go anymore because the night it’s on is my husband’s pool league night (his “away” thing) and then my daughter’s weekly dinner with her dad was moved to Tuesdays… so no babysitter.

    I envision a group of parents AND children getting together to socialize without fear of judgment by others as well as a time for our kids to meet others with ASD.

    I’ve never used Skype, and my son is probably too young to ‘get’ it, but it is an amazing idea!!!

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