Last-minute gift idea

I just received the following message from the Elija School for Autism and thought I’d pass it along in case anyone is looking for a last-minute, autism-related, philanthopic gift idea. If so, please support them!

“The ELIJA School for Autism is an incredible institution that focuses on treating some of the gravest cases of Autism in children.  Due to the recent state budget cuts, the ELIJA School is searching for new ways to receive financial support for their programs and this holiday season they have created a unique holiday card that makes for an influential and uplifting gift.  With the Seeds of Hope Holiday Gift Card, supporters can make a donation to the ELIJA School in the names of their friends or colleagues, who will then receive a beautiful card ornamented by the ELIJA tree made out of removable seed paper.  This is a great last-minute gift that will truly make a difference as people join together to plant the seeds of hope. [It] benefits not only the ELIJA School itself, but also the inspirational gift-giving that it is promoting this season. 

Seeds of Hope Holiday Gift Card Link:

Thank you for your time and may you have a wonderful holiday season!”