The Lowdown, Vol. 6

It’s sort of been good-days-and-bad-days around here lately. Good days, like what I wrote about in a recent post, and bad days, like what I don’t write about. I allude to Nigel’s “grumpiness,” which is blog-speak for blatant disrespectfulness; I say that he is doing well emotionally and behaviorally, and days later he is raging and crying about being irresponsible and worthless; I write about him being comfortable at his current school, yet his academic/executive functioning skills are still lacking (putting it mildly), and I have no strength to deal with it now, after years of dealing with it alone. I need a vacation. We need a vacation.

Fortunately, several months ago we started planning a vacation for the week of Thanksgiving. My father, whom I have written about before, is an avid world traveler and wanted to take his two older grandsons on an international trip as their high school graduation gift from him. Not sure what direction his cancer battle would take (he is currently undergoing his third round of treatment), earlier this year Dad suggested that we accompany him on his annual Thanksgiving-in-Thailand trip now rather than wait for their graduations. And so, I am very excited to announce that early Friday morning we leave for a week in Thailand!

The boys are ecstatic about their first international trip – they have read and enjoyed National Geographic since Kindergarten and can’t wait to get out and explore and experience (albeit briefly) another country. Grandpa has planned some amazing activities! And it will be so great to spend some time together. We can’t wait!

In other news, I was recently honored with the Versatile Blogger Award – twice! I’d like to thank both Stacey at The Four Cannons and Jazzy at Jazzygal for thinking of me! Jazzy noted that it would be perfect to post in my sidebar (the green!), and as soon as I have time to do some size tweaking, I certainly will:

Instructions for this award state that I should list seven interesting things about myself, but since I had done that for a previous award (and I can’t come up with seven more at the moment!), I’ve decided to do a variation – Seven of My Favorite Things:

  • Book: The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon
  • Movie: Best in Show
  • Color: green
  • Food: sushi
  • Animal: tiger
  • Country: Greece (so far!)    


I’m going to have to humbly bow out of tagging since I have a huge list of things to do to get ready for the trip, including packing! I’ll be back here with pictures in two weeks!

24 thoughts on “The Lowdown, Vol. 6

  1. Jacquie

    just plain old jealous.
    I’ll be eating with the most god awful mother in law, and your enjoying Thailand….
    Well, Have a a great time for both of us. If Nigel complains too much, introduce him to copious amounts of Wasabi… That will slow him down!

  2. Em

    Wow…congratulations! I hope you have a fabulous trip!!!

    I know all about using blog-speak to make things sound better than they are. And all about the dramatic shifts from good days to bad. And you are right, sometimes we just become too exhausted to deal with it. So I hope your trip really does provide you and Nigel a much-needed and much deserved break!

  3. AmyLK

    the trip sounds awesome! And I totally get where you are in being so tired of doing this on your own. I’m right there with you! HUGS

  4. Ann

    Have a wonderful time, Tanya! How exciting for all of you to take this amazing trip together. Tell your dad I said ‘hello’. It’s been so many years… I can’t wait to see all of your pictures!

  5. Kim

    Wow!! How exciting! I am thrilled that you are all going on such a neat trip with your father. What wonderful memories you will create! I know about the good and bad days, we’ve been up and down and up and down over here lately. Just when I going to write about either, we careen away in the opposite direction–I’m tired.

    Can’t wait to hear about this amazing journey you all will be taking. Enjoy!

  6. Christine

    Oh wow! I lived in Thailand for a few years and have very wonderful memories of the people and the country. I hope you have a fantastic time and I hope that you make time everyday for a Thai massage — you deserve it!!

  7. Tera

    Wow, ahve a GREAT time! I hope it gives each of you a chance to gain what you need from the time away….you, Nigel, your dad, Aiden…

    and Tanya, thank you for the honesty about the bad days. It helps me to feel not so emotional about ours, knowing you’re dealing with it too!

    HAVE FUN!!!

  8. Elise

    WOOHOO…congrats on the award. I hope everyone has a great time in Thailand. What a cool gift from your dad, and I hope he does well and comes through this recent round of chemo ok.

  9. Paulene

    Oh Tanya how wonderful for you, the boys and your father. Apart from all the wonderful places to visit in Thailand, the people, the culture, history, etc. I really love the Thai cuisine ……. I’m so hungry just thinking of their curries.
    You are all going to have an amazing trip.

  10. Jazzygal

    A trip to Thailand..oh how exciting! Hope you and your boys have a fabulous time and that your dad will keep well 🙂
    Nice list of 7 too 😉

    xx Jazzy

  11. Sylvia

    I am very happy for you. We have similar circumstances. My son , 19 graduated highschool last year and is in his first semester of community college taking basic skills courses. His skills are very lacking primarily because of expression and receptive language deficits. College requires you to be able to infer from written text and I don’t think that will happen for Aldo. I also have a younger daughter in highschool who is not in the spectrum and this also brings challenges in family life. I hope you and the boys and your dad make wonderful memories in Thailand. Happy Thanksgiving across the miles. 🙂 Sylvia

  12. Alicia D

    holy CRAP! you live the life of a rock star! 🙂 so jealous and happy for you. have an amazing trip, take lots of pics and congrats on the bloggie award!
    oh,and happy turkey in thailand day 🙂

  13. Cheryl

    Can’t wait to hear about your trip which is sure to be amazing! I’ll be keeping your sweet daddy in my prayers. :0)

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