Hello, it’s me, Nigel.
My plans for my 16th birthday, which actually is today, are of going to the Family Fun Center with my friends to have the party there on Friday. The Family Fun Center is where you can play video games or do some stuff outside like the batting cage, mini golf, or my favorite thing to do, in my opinion, is the go-karts. I’m really wanting to get my learner’s permit in driving, because I feel free, when I have my own ride.

Things at school are going fine for me, I have Algebra I, Video I, Theater Arts II/III, English 10, Life Science, and two study periods. As for my favorite class, I have two favorites, Video I and Theater Arts II/III. Speaking of which, for my theater class, I wrote a script for a musical play that I suggested to them. The homecoming dance was fun and exciting. But not as much as my uncle’s power washer. This is what I call empowering.

As for how I feel about my autism, I feel just fine about it. Earlier in the month, I saw the Temple Grandin film and it showed me someone else’s life that was sort of similar to mine. For when I grow up, I’m just wanting to be a filmmaker. Here’s one of my first short films, “Allosaurus Attack”:

28 thoughts on “Sixteen

  1. Paulene

    Hi Nigel,

    Pleased to meet you in this cyber world.

    I wish you a super 16th birthday celebration with your friends.

    I love the photographs and video, sound effects were cool.


  2. Kim

    Nigel! Happy 16th Birthday. Have a wonderful time at the Family Fun Center with your friends. I really enjoyed the photos and the short film, and I agree with Paulene that the sound effects were cool!

  3. pixiemama

    Happy birthday, Nigel! I think you are awesome! I’m glad to hear you have two favorite classes. Your video was great! That car? Sweet! Have a great time with your friends!

  4. Cheryl

    Happy Birthday, Nigel!

    I enjoyed reading your post and think it’s great that you want to be a film maker! And the power washer…totally cool! I saw the Temple Grandin movie too and think she’s a pretty amazing woman. I hope you have an awesome time at the Family Fun Center! Have fun being 16 and I hope it’s your best year ever! How the heck did you grow up so fast???

    Hugs to you!

  5. Lex Savko

    Happy birthday Nigel! I loved that video! I also loved your idea for remaking Valley of the Gwangi. Aunt Niika and I watched the 1969 version last week and really enjoyed it. We hope to see your version in the future!

  6. Michelle O'Neil

    Happy birthday Nigel! You are a fine young man, and I loved your film. Those Lego people had it coming! Ha!

    My daughter has autism and I liked the Temple Grandin movie too.

    Hope 16 is the best year yet for you!

  7. Sheri

    Hi Nigel and happy birthday! Very cool car! I like it a lot! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on here, I really enjoyed reading them.

  8. rhemashope

    Happy 16, Nigel! You are such an inspiration to me – thanks for writing. Great short film – the Allosaurus sounds were very entertaining to my 4-year old daughter!

  9. Grandma Madeline

    Nigel, you are so wonderful! Happy Birthday! How can it be 16 years already?! Loved your short film! I think a subtitle could be “The Dangers of Being Lego People Stuck on a Platform”. They didn’t stand a chance! Hope you have lots of fun on Friday afternoon! I like the go-carts, too! I am lucky to be your Grandma! Big hug.

  10. Macrina Lesniak

    Happy Birthday!!!!! Nolan misses his slapstick buddy 🙂 I’ll have Cody help me post the video on YouTube of you making Nolan laugh.

  11. Elizabeth

    Happy Birthday, Nigel! It’s a special day (my own mother’s birthday, too!). You know what? One of the people who produced that Temple Grandin movie is a very good friend of mine. If you’re ever in Los Angeles and want to meet him, let me know. Seriously.

  12. Niika Savko

    Happy Birthday Nigel! I loved the short film. Can’t wait to see more. Have a great day at Family Fun Center

  13. AUNTastasia

    Nigel, Happy 16th Birthday! You are just so much fun! Thank you for making a captivating dinosaur attack video, I can’t wait to watch your others in the future! And that is a fantastic shot of you with Uncle Cody’s power washer, it gives me inspiration of fun activities to do for my next trip up to Oregon! 🙂

  14. Grandpa Savko

    Hi Nigel. and Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great day yesterday. I saw Temple Grandin too and am glad you have seen it. She’s an inspiration. Hope you enjoy your birthday present. Perhaps it will help with your videos, but it looks like you are doing fine there. Looking forward to Thanksgiving with you.

  15. Jazzygal

    Happy 16th Birthday Nigel! What a fine young man you are becoming. Your birthday plans sound very exciting. I wish Ireland had such a centre for it’s fine young teens.

    It sounds like things are going well for you in school too. I’m very interested in your theatre group as I’m into shows and musicals too! Good luck with your script… and your film making plans! I really enjoyed your video…. well done

    xx Jazzy

  16. M

    happy birthday nigel, thanks so much for posting your thoughts and the short film.

    and your word play with “empowered” was funny, i got a kick out of that, so thank you very much for posting.

  17. jess

    nigel, i’m so sorry i’m a little late, but i hope you had an awesome birthday.

    the video was great fun – the sound effects were the best! thanks for posting!!

  18. Pie Maker

    Happy Birthday Nigel! I’m late, I know but I think it’s better to be late in saying it than to never say it at all. I loved your video and I also think your sound effects were amazing! Hope you had a great day on your Birthday!

  19. Suzanne

    Happy Belated Birthday, Nigel!
    My son Josh really enjoyed your video. Josh is 13 years old and he is also on the Autism Spectrum – your video was a great inspiration to him, now I can always find my camera, it is usually with Josh making a video. Keep up the good work and looking forward to another video.


  20. Ryan Leonard

    Hey Nigel!! First off i just wanted to say that i miss hanging out with you and i hope we can see eachother soon. I hope you had an awsome birthday, I wish I could of been in oregon so I could of gone. Ive always had allot of fun at your birthday sleepovers. I want to get my learners permit too I think itd be really cool to drive. I saw your video, it was awsome! Maybe when we hangout again we can make a cool video like that together. See you soon!

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