A Shirt of His Own

Last April I had a bunch of Autism Awareness Month announcements that I posted periodically throughout the month. I had been contacted by several agencies and individuals requesting that I share their information with my readers, and I was glad to oblige. This year, for whatever reason, I only received a couple of requests. So without further ado, and before the month is over, I’d like to highlight a company that I’m sure you’re all familiar with.

I’ve written about CafePress before, when I first discovered how many autism T-shirts they have available. There truly is something for everyone! And now when you buy from CafePress, a portion of proceeds on every sale from the Autism Awareness page benefits Autism Speaks. Plus, orders through 4/30/10 of $40 or more receive free shipping.

When I last wrote about the autism T-shirts at CafePress, I mentioned the “Autistic and Proud” shirt that I saw there, hoping that someday Nigel would want to wear it, because I want him to be proud of who he is. At the time, he was pretty down on the subject of autism – “the A-word,” he called it – and certainly would not have donned a shirt advertising it. But in recent months he has been feeling better about his autism, his “difference,” he calls it, and so last week I showed him the shirts and asked him if there were any he liked. He immediately chose this one:

It says “Wish you could see the world through my eyes.” And I thought, Yes. That’s the one. It’s perfect for him.

14 thoughts on “A Shirt of His Own

  1. Kate

    It *is* perfect. I love it. If I didnt have sensory issues and hate the color black, I’d wear it too. What a conversation started that’d be!

  2. Paulene Angela

    Great T-shirt, even I would wear that. Max possibly, because he’s into black tops. The design and wording is attractive and intelligent.

    Thanks for the link.

  3. Kim

    I love that one–it is perfect! We’ve got a couple shirts from cafepress–they really have tons to choose from!

  4. Lex Savko

    I love CafePress! And that T-shirt that Nigel chose is really cool. I’ll be sure to check out the others.

  5. Michelle

    Ooooh I love this shirt. Daniel doesn’t really understand his autism or even that he has it. When I’ve brought it up he’ll ask a question, but he doesn’t seem to be able to relate it to himself….This is a great choice!

  6. goodfountain

    I just love seeing how much Nigel grows. A year ago he was unhappy with his Autism, now he’s more accepting. I can think of parents who could learn a lesson or three from Nigel.

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