An e-mail I received today:

Hi mom,

This is my pipe cleaner sculpture of Charlotte and her web. I made it 
today. What do you think of it? We are  having so much fun with dad. I love you and I’ll see you soon.



* one of the words Charlotte wrote in her web (and also what I think of the sculpture)!

14 thoughts on “Terrific*

  1. Jim

    Those kinds of e-mails are pure gold, aren’t they? I found your site today and have really been blessed by it. Thanks for your willingness to share and be so “real.”

  2. Jayne

    What a great piece of art, your son is obviously having a marvellous time 🙂

    Just found your blog via Maddy, have my own teen Aspie homeschooled here, too 🙂

  3. Jazzygal

    What a fabulous creation! You must be so proud of Nigel!

    Em…I tagged you over at mine for a Happy 101 award and post….if you feel like it! No bother if you don’t! xx Jazzy

  4. Nicki

    Neat sculpture! I’ll have to remember that for Halloween… maybe Little Bear could make it! Probably won’t look so nice and neat, though!!!!

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