One Way of Putting It

The Scene: Interior of a small SUV. A mother is driving her teenage son, who has autism, around to several different stores looking for the DVD of the original 1973 version of Charlotte’s Web. He is 15 and it is one of his favorite movies. The mother silently wonders if there are any other teenage boys who love Charlotte’s Web as much as he does. She marvels at his innocent nature. They are stopped at an intersection and the son begins reading aloud the bumper stickers on the car in front of them.

Autistic teen: It says, “Politicians and diapers get changed for the same reason.”

Mother (pauses, wondering if she’ll have to explain the meaning by using a phrase that includes the words “full of”): Do you understand what that means?

Autistic teen: That they are both stinky.

18 thoughts on “One Way of Putting It

  1. Lydia

    Just to introduce myself, I’m 22 and I also have autism.

    My response was “they’re both dirty.”

    Oh well. Lol.

  2. Meg

    Oh goodness, I love it! It’s always good to let the kids tell you what they think something means, you’ll usually get a great peek into their minds!

    We have that DVD, we had to order from Amazon.

  3. Elise

    My highschoolers had to read Charlottes Web for english class in highschool. It’s fine. It has a great message.

  4. Cheryl

    LOL! Love it! :0)
    PS: Did you ever find the movie? I think we might have it – I’ll look and let you know if you didn’t find it!

  5. Lex Savko

    Bingo! He’s absolutely right!

    So, were you able to find a copy? I always loved Charlotte’s Web. Paul Lynde totally stole the show as Templeton.

  6. Tanya Savko Post author

    UPDATE: I am happy to report that we were successful in locating the Charlotte’s Web DVD! Yay, Target! (I would have ordered it from Amazon, but Nigel didn’t want to wait, of course.)

  7. mamakp

    My daughter (11) LOVES that version of Charlotte’s Web!!! Templeton was great. I’d send you ours, but then I’d be driving around looking for a replacement. Or as my daughter says just tell the mailman to put it in our mailbox, ahhh the wonders of At the moment she’s obsessed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, not so typical for an 11 year old but it makes her happy.

  8. Tammy Glaser

    Love Nigel’s logic!

    Pamela, 21yo in two weeks, loves Charlotte’s Web and The Big Comfy Couch and carries around her babies (shhhh . . . we are not allowed to call them d*lls).

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