The Pizza Smoothie

Yes, you read that right: The Pizza Smoothie. Here at Teen Autism, we pride ourselves on being beyond innovative. We boldly eat what no one has eaten before. In this house, neither child has ever requested the typically well-loved staple, macaroni and cheese, for dinner. But a pizza smoothie? Bring it on.

I try to explain to Nigel that texture has quite a bit to do with why we like certain foods. Take away the texture, and that changes how we respond to a food. Appearance counts for a lot, too. Change the appearance and texture of a favorite food, and it might not be so appetizing.

But he’s adamant that – for him – it’s not about the texture or appearance. “It’s all about the taste,” he says.

And so, down the hatch it goes. He drinks the whole thing and claims to enjoy it. But, smile notwithstanding, I’m not so sure.

We’ll see what happens the next time we have pizza for dinner.

20 thoughts on “The Pizza Smoothie

  1. Meg

    Oh my. That looks quite… terrible. And the smile may be a wee bit forced? But good for him for following through on his idea!

  2. CorrieHowe

    Just the headline on the post made me want to gag. Then to see it and see it being drank….yuck. I think I lost my appetite.

    On the other hand. Your son is SOOOOO handsome. In the words of Mama on the Edge. Yum!

    Not that I’m a sicko. I’m not really into teenage boys either. Yuck!

  3. Nicki

    Hmmm, thats something to think about! Actually, was the smoothie HOT??? And did he add some sort of liquid to it to make it blend up better? I must ponder this. I think, if it was hot, it might actually be pretty good! I would just think of it as pizza soup, instead of a pizza smoothie!

  4. Cheryl

    Looks about as appetizing as my green smoothies, but I’m still not sold on the idea yet. :0) I’ll have the boys give it a go the next time pizza man knocks on our door!

  5. Kim

    Ack! I totally gagged and could hardly look at those pictures!!!!! OMG!

    It’s great that you let him eat it the way he wants though!

    but still. Ick.

  6. Alicia

    i love pizza, but im totally having a gag reflex right now. some things just arent meant to be smoothies 🙂

    but heres what i love about you – i love that you LET HIM do this! youre my idol. I would have been like “ew, gross, no way, your not crappin’ up my blender with that.” see, i should be more like you! 😉

  7. Brenda

    Blech. Trying to ruin my lunch? That kid has fortitude, that’s for sure! He had the idea and followed through with it. Now that’s what makes great inventors.

    And, oh, don’t you know about Pizza in a Cup (The Jerk by Steve Martin)?

  8. Michelle S

    That is so gross!!! ugh. honestly I can’t even imagine drinking that…that smoothie is the wrong texture for me. We don’t do mac and cheese either, Daniel gags at the site of it!

  9. Tera

    ewwww…but good for him for trying to test the boundaries of what is acceptable…and even ‘pretending’ to like it!

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