Thoughts on My 15th B-Day

This is Nigel. I am 15 today and I have big plans for my future. I want to be the first of my family to be in space and on the moon. I want to be the first human being to set foot on Mars.


But for my birthday party plans, I’m planning to invite all 3 of my bestest friends for a sleepover party. For Halloween I’m going to be Ash from The Evil Dead Trilogy, the Ash with the chainsaw hand and the boomstick.

The things I like and dislike about getting older are these two things: one positive effect of it is I’m getting closer to getting to drive a car. The negative effect of getting older is that I have to discontinue trick-or-treating on Halloween.


Well, I’m going to watch Edgar Rice Borrough’s At The Earth’s Core. Bye for now.

28 thoughts on “Thoughts on My 15th B-Day

  1. Tanya Savko Post author

    Happy Birthday, Nigel! No matter what the future brings, I will always be proud of you – and so happy to be your mom! 🙂

  2. pixiemama

    Happy birthday, Nigel!
    Please be careful with that chainsaw….
    & after you discontinue trick or treating, you can drive to the store the day after Halloween to get your favorite candy on sale!


  3. mama edge

    Happy Birthday, Nigel! Another positive: You can still wear a costume on Halloween and eat sweets — look at all the grown-up costumes at the Halloween stores! You’re never too old for this holiday.

  4. Paulene Angela

    Hi Nigel,
    <> from our family here in Estepona, Málaga, Spain. xxx

    Halloween is starting to get very popular over here too! Any excuse to party. Must remember to buy some treats or I’ll be in trouble.

  5. Jill

    Happy Birthday Nigel!
    Can’t wait to see your Halloween costume!
    And you are never to old to Trick or Treat!
    You can always help out with some little kids!
    Can’t believe how much you grown up!
    You were just a little tyke when I saw you last.
    Proud of you, your brother, and MOM!!!

  6. Cheryl

    Happy Birthday to YOU! Happy Birthday to YOU! Happy Birthday, Dear Nigel! Happy Birthday to YOU and many more…just like before! (That’s me singing to you…lucky for you it’s over the computer and not in person because I can’t carry a tune in a bucket!) Have a wonderful day of celebration, Nigel! I can’t wait to see your fantastic costume! Nick and Tyler are really looking forward to helping you celebrate Friday night! Have fun!!!! :0)

  7. Brenda

    Happy Birthday, Nigel! Wow! You have some great plans! Your Halloween costume sounds impressive, but they would certainly scare me too much! Your mom is very brave. And so are you! My son is going to be a ghost. And I am going to be a witch. A good witch. I hope you have a great birthday sleepover! Have fun!

  8. dynomitegirl

    Happy Birthday Nigel! Today is my birthday too. My son is trying to see if he can stretch out trick or treating for just one more year, he is 13 and we havn’t decided yet. I hope you have a great birthday and halloween.

  9. Grandma Madeline

    Happy Birthday, Nigel!! Hard for me to believe you are 15 years old and talking about wanting to learn to drive a car! I still remember rocking you as a baby in my rocking chair and singing silly songs to you! I love you, and I like your entry. If you didn’t know it, you are my hero! See you Friday! Love, Grandma.

  10. Nicki

    Nigel I have 3 Halloween secrets for you!!!!
    1. I still trick-or-treat on Halloween sometimes! (I’m pretty short, so people think I’m a kid!)

    2. When you can’t trick-or-treat, you can always just go to the grocery store the day AFTER Halloween and buy a bunch of candy for half price!!!

    3. If you ever have your own children, or spend time with children, Trick-or-Treating will be fun again because you can take the little kids and teach them how to do it! You’ll get to help them pick out costumes, and paint their faces, and remind them to say thank-you at the houses they go to! (And then, when they’re sleeping, you can sneak some of their candy!)

    Happy Happy Halloween, dude!

  11. AUNTastasia

    Happy 15th Birthday to my first nephew, Nigel! Hope you enjoy every part of the day! I know how you feel, I was very sad to outgrow trick-or-treating also, since candy wasn’t a big part of my diet when I was growing up. But it’s pretty easy to find a Halloween party with plenty of candy! Or throw a party yourself! I love you, Nigel! Happy birthday!

  12. Niika

    Happy Birthday Nigel! You are growing up to be a wonderful young man! I would love to go to Mars also. I hope that you have a great sleepover party. Trick or Treating was fun but there are alot more things to look forward in life. I hope you enjoyed watching “At the Earth’s Core” Take Care!

  13. Michelle O'Neil

    Happy Birthday Nigel!

    Discontinuing trick or treating is a bummer, but you can still eat plenty of candy as you give it out!

    Glad you are here on this planet, even as you reach for Mars.

  14. Macrina

    If you’re 15 then I must be OLD AS THE HILLS!!!!! I was 15 when you were born! When your Mom says it’s OK, we’ll take you in th Cougar to the fairgrounds and let you practice at the big parking lot there. But no NASCAR moves allowed!

  15. Lex Savko

    Hey Nigel!

    Good to know that you are a fan of Evil Dead like me! Hope you had a fantastic birthday and that you have a fun Halloween, even without trick-or-treating!

  16. Carol

    Happy Birthday, Nigel! Sounds like fun plans!

    Here in Northern California, we have had trick-or-treaters as old as 18 show up on our doorstep!

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