A Weekend Jaunt

We are bound for the coast as soon as we get home from work and school! Yes! Nigel has completed two successful weeks of high school, and it’s time for a little break. A few issues have come up, but I’m very satisfied with how they’re being addressed. I’ll go into a little more detail next week. For now, we’re packing! Aidan is going to stay with his best friend who moved in the spring, and Nigel and I are going to visit some other friends, including Pixie, who’s vacationing on the Oregon coast this week! (Go ahead, click on the link and check out her blog!) I’m so excited to see her!

I won’t be posting here again until next week, but on Sunday I’ll be at Hopeful Parents. It’s sort of a follow-up post to the one below. You know, once more with feeling. With any luck, I set the post time correctly, and it will be there first thing Sunday morning, while I’m having brunch with friends! Cheers! 

11 thoughts on “A Weekend Jaunt

  1. M

    Two weeks of high school: that’s like two decades in non-high school time. very exiciting. i hope the difficulties haven’t been too difficult, i’ve been rooting for you guys.

    looking forward to the hopeful parents post.

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