Our Path

“You can go your own way” – Fleetwood Mac

Right after our highly successful trip to Oregon Caves this past weekend, we decided to drive another hour and a half that afternoon to Redwood National Park on the northern California coast. Apparently a scene from Walking With Dinosaurs had been filmed there, so Nigel had to act out the part with the sauropodlet (as Nigel calls baby sauropods) eating fern fronds.

At any rate, the boys and I loved roaming among the quiet, steadfast giants, and Nigel had fun climbing on the trunks of the fallen. Not wanting to violate any park rules, I checked for signs forbidding climbing. I didn’t see any, and Nigel was being careful, so we went on our way. At the end of the walk, we found some signs facing the other direction. I turned around and read one of them. “Stay on the trail,” it said.

At the end?! Why would they wait until the end of the trail to tell visitors that? I looked around and then it hit me. We had begun the trail loop on the wrong side. We went in through the out door. We finished where others started. But we started where others finished.

That’s how it is when autism is in your life, for the ASD kids trying to figure things out as well as for their parents. We do things differently. Our path is not the same as others’ paths. Sometimes we have to approach things differently to understand them. It may not be the expected way,

but somehow we get through it.

And sometimes it helps to just stop, take a breath, and look up.

20 thoughts on “Our Path

  1. Kate

    Those are great pictures, Tonya! I am so glad you got to take another trip and have so much fun, I’d love to go there. If you ever feel like going up the coast a bit let me know 🙂

  2. Paulene Angela

    It’s so logical to me, why do they not put two sets of arrows (different colours), depending from what entrance/exit you start.

    Impressive photographs, impressive trees. We have the same ferns growing here in Andalucia.

  3. Michelle O'Neil

    Beautiful analogy. Autism causes us to think. To do things that make sense to us, not because it’s the way it’s always been.

    What a fun day.

    There should never be rules against climbing.

  4. Tera

    Thanks for the reminder Tanya. This afternoon I have been cleaning up messes from Kaeden making lunch (HUGE messes), and that reminded me to just be grateful he CAN make me lunch. Even if he does it differently than most would.

    I can’t wait til a future trip to the US takes us to the redwoods. I love it there and can’t wait to share that with my family sometime. Looks like it was worth the drive for you and your guys!

  5. Alicia

    Breathtaking photos! So jealous. I spend the weekend sick in bed with some psycho respiratory infection! anyway, I love the way you take every day life and use them as analogies. It always is so poetic, inspiring and captures the moments so deeply.

  6. Cathy

    great post–so, so true! Your son loves dinosaurs? Mine does too! we have that DVD!

  7. Cheryl

    Well stated! I’m glad you and the boys had such a great trip! It looks wonderful!

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