A Soothing Routine

We’re all well aware of the importance – nay, the necessity – of routines for people on the spectrum. Some of them can be quite involved, restrictive, and difficult to follow on a daily basis, while some aren’t quite so limiting. All of them serve a purpose for the autistic person: to establish order, a little predictability in an unpredictable world. They don’t know what kids at school will say to them from one minute to the next, or if an insect will fly near them at any given time, or if a sudden loud sound will torment them in the grocery store, or if they have to go somewhere unfamiliar. But they do know that when they get home, they can somersault down the hallway, they can eat their snacks in the exact order that they choose, and they can watch a movie they’ve seen dozens of times and repeat all the lines while they watch it. And the stress of the day will be lifted.

So, as we can see, routines are also calming. That’s why one of the most important routines of all is the bedtime routine. For many, it involves bathing, a snack, reading a book, setting out clothes and preparing a sack lunch for the next day, brushing teeth, etc. Nigel does most of those things, but his favorite part of the evening ritual is listening to Music to Relax.

Every night we play it while he is getting ready for bed in his room. We turn on a softer light, we turn off the computer and TV, and the soothing classical music of this wonderful CD helps Nigel to slow his mind down and prepare for a restful night’s sleep. I tell you, it’s amazing. Nigel has listened to other CDs designed to be listened to while going to sleep, and they were quite helpful for a time. But the important difference is listening to Music to Relax for a half an hour before he even climbs into bed. Then he listens to the rest of the CD after I come and say goodnight to him and indulge him in his quick sunglasses ritual. And then he falls asleep quicker than he ever has before.

This is the second Advanced Brain Technologies CD that I’ve tried and reviewed, and I am once again thoroughly impressed with the results. To recommend them is an understatement – I implore you to try these CDs! They are truly beneficial.

6 thoughts on “A Soothing Routine

  1. Fearless Females

    It’s so funny how well I relate to the first half of this post, Nick is just panicked about going to school, but when he comes home—it’s his time and he’s just thrilled. Routine is the key!

    I will mention the CD and your recommendations …

  2. Michelle S

    I don’t know if this would be helpful to others but we found Daniel could settle down much faster if he hasn’t watched TV or been on the computer for several hours before bed. We long ago stopped these activities after dinner. He can play video games though. They don’t seem to have the same effect. I’m interested in trying the cd. He loves to listen to music at that time of night!

  3. Rhemashope

    Thanks for the info about the CD’s. It used to be a nightly REQUIREMENT for Rhema to watch an old George Strait concert video. We still laugh at how country music soothes her!

  4. Tera

    Thanks for this..I’m going to check it out now. Kaeden has always and still has sleeping problems. I’ve always used relaxation CD’s, but if something works, I’m willing to give it a try.

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