The Bright Side

The Scene: Interior of a meeting room attached to a church – a Boy Scout meeting is in progress. About a dozen Scouts sit at four tables scattered throughout the room. Some parents sit at a different table off to the side. The boys are focused on the Scoutmaster, who is standing at the front of the room talking about foods that are appropriate to bring on a camping trip. He recounts an incident when one troop brought a huge bag of plain oatmeal for their only food for the entire trip. He tells how it rained that trip, and the oatmeal soaked up the rain, so the Scouts had nothing but bland, cold oatmeal to eat. The Scouts at the meeting make faces and sounds to indicate their feelings of distaste and their sympathy for the Scouts with the oatmeal. All except one. When the other Scouts quiet down, he pipes up.

Autistic teen: But it does prevent heart disease.

10 thoughts on “The Bright Side

  1. Sheri

    I LOVE IT!! Brenden once told me he thought his enuresis was due to an enlarged prostate. “Yes Virginia, there are advertisers.”

  2. Cheryl

    Ha! True and funny all at the same time…would’ve loved to be there to share a chuckle! :0)

  3. Tanya Savko Post author

    I should have mentioned that Nigel eats plain oatmeal daily – but uncooked, if you can believe that!

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