Two Literal Minds

The Scene: A Boy Scout meeting inside a church hall. About twenty scouts are in attendance, and their parents and siblings, as this is family night. A game, like TV game shows such as Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, is in progress. The room is rather boisterous, with people shouting out answers, and the mother of the autistic teen is always amazed at how her son is now able to filter all the sensory stimuli and can handle being in the room. Not only can he handle it, he is participating, calling out answers, exuberantly displaying his excitement when he is correct. His mother is seated next to another mother of a scout, a preteen with Asperger’s. The two boys are also in the same social skills class together. When the game ends and the winning team is the one that the autistic teen is on, he stands up, does a little dance a la MC Hammer, and sings “Can’t touch this!” People in the surrounding area laugh good-naturedly. Suddenly, the Aspie gets up out of his chair, walks across the aisle to the autistic teen as he is singing, and touches him gently with an outstretched index finger. Thwarted, the autistic teen says, “Aagghh!” and sticks his tongue out at the fleeing Aspie.

Their mothers laugh out loud together.

5 thoughts on “Two Literal Minds

  1. mama mara

    I’m picturing you and the other mom doing the Hammer Time dance in celebration of your silly boys. May I join you? (Puts on funky pants and does the bump-bump-bump with her rump)

  2. Fearless Females

    That was so funny!! And it’s so great that Nigel is part of such a great group and he’s obviously very comfortable!!

    And oh, no, now I have that song in my head–look what you’ve done!! 😉

  3. Tanya Savko Post author

    It was so hilarious! To have Nigel singing “Can’t Touch This” and then someone going up to touch him – one of those funny, enjoyable moments that I would put in my “Positive Things about Autism” post.

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