Feeling Lovely

Just last week I was thinking that lately I hadn’t seen any blog awards floating around out there. And then, the very next day, Maddy of Sandwiched Genes (and three other blogs! Did I get them all?!) was kind enough to bestow upon me this charming award:

Thank you, Maddy! I hope some of your industriousness will rub off on me! In the meantime, I am pleased to pass this award to the following:

Best wishes to all! Here are the rules, should you choose to follow them (I usually don’t, but I’m on good terms with the blog police):

‘Copy, save and add the blog photo to your blog, share the love with 7 of your favorite blogs and be sure to mention who gave it to you’

4 thoughts on “Feeling Lovely

  1. Goldie

    THANK YOU!!! And, oh my goodness, your comment made me so happy b/c that was what I was shooting for!!! I want to help people (AND myself) and have fun!!! Yaay!

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