Brain Wave Therapy: Update

Sound SleepA few months ago, I wrote a post about Brain Wave Therapy and included some research into its use for the treatment of autism. I discovered that studies have been done with autistic children as young as 8, and so I wanted to see if it would help Nigel, who is now 14. I was especially interested to see if it would help with his difficulty in falling asleep, as it used to take him hours before he could calm his mind down enough to drift off to sleep, and he would be chronically groggy and irritable because of it.

Enter Brain Sync’s Sound Sleep. This CD has made a profound difference in Nigel’s ability to fall asleep quickly. Its deep Delta brain wave frequencies and soothing music help him to slow his active mind and ultimately lull him into restorative sleep. As a result, he gets up quicker in the morning, is more alert, and generally functions far better than without listening to the CD. And he loves it. Every night, he gets it set up in his CD player (Brain Sync recommends the use of headphones for optimal benefit, but due to Nigel’s sensitive hearing, he does better without them – otherwise the Delta frequencies are too much for him to process), and eagerly turns it on as soon as I say good night to him.  I feel so much better knowing that he’s getting good sleep, and then, of course, so do I.

6 thoughts on “Brain Wave Therapy: Update

  1. Melinda

    I had done extensive research on this same subject….but never thought much about using it in any form with Noah. I see no reason why it would not also work!

    Glad you have found something that will work for Nigel!

  2. Tanya Savko Post author

    The Brain Sync CDs are amazing and I use several of them myself. One thing to note is that they have a cumulative effect, and you may not notice much change with the first use or two. Nigel said that he didn’t feel any different after the first few nights of listening, but by the end of the first week, he definitely did.

  3. jake tan

    hi tanya,
    In search of peace of mind with regards to children (my son is 7 is diagnosed with ADHD) using brain sync or brainwave therapy … after 1 week my son really improved in cognitive skills. Should this mean this is safe that i can continue for 4 – 6 weeks? or should i stop base on their warning as not recommended for children under 15? Maybe your experience can help me. tnx in advance

  4. Tanya Savko Post author

    Hi Jake,

    Thank you for your comment. I would suggest consulting a professional biofeedback practitioner who works with children. They definitely have the experience and expertise to advise you in this area. I am not qualified to do so, and I waited until my son was 14 to try any brain wave therapy, so I really wouldn’t be able to advise regarding a child younger than that. If you are not able to find a biofeedback professional in your area, you could try searching for one online to advise you.

    Best wishes,


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