Adventures in Puberty, Part 5

When I left the Autism and Puberty seminar I recently attended, my head was swimming with all the information I had obtained. I had learned about the difference between puberty and adolescence, that there is nothing delayed about the former and that the latter usually is. I learned how to teach about difficult topics like sexual abuse. I learned how the concept of emotional age affects how a child responds to puberty and adolescence. I learned what to teach older ASD teens when they do reach adolescence. There was quite a bit of information to absorb, and I knew that a good deal of it would require some follow-up.

The seminar presenters thought of everything. They provided a list of resources with a wealth of information and tips.



5 thoughts on “Adventures in Puberty, Part 5

  1. Fearless Females

    Nick has the What’s Happening to Me” puberty book and “we” both really like it. It’s very inormative w/o it being too much detail or hard to understand. Nick has read it a few time (I believe) and has asked me a few questions—happily even though I had to gulp!

  2. Bonnie Sayers

    I was thinking it would be nice to put this puberty series on my blog and also might want to add it as a resource for some books I reviewed at autism site.

    By any chance do you have a button for this site? I know someone on twitter that did the two blog buttons/designs for me and it was like ten dollars or more.

    It would be good to advertise your blog too. Let me know via DM on twitter what you think. Also Model me kids is doing a blog tour, maybe you are interested. DM me and I can send you details – it will be in April, their products are social skills training.

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