My Final Day of Being Thirteen

This is Nigel. Today is my 14th birthday and do you want to hear about what I did yesterday, all you autistic kids out there? I went to Jacksonville, walked around the town, I got a little souvenir from a toy store (a lioness), and I went to the cemetery which since it was 5 days to Halloween, I was pretty scared. And then we went to a petting zoo where I petted 2 wallabies and other animals. Then we went home and just had fun listening to music from CCR, Rolling Stones, and AC-DC, and reading books. And now we’re going to have hot fudge sundaes for a birthday dessert. Bye- bye!!!

12 thoughts on “My Final Day of Being Thirteen

  1. jesswilson

    that sounds like a fabulous birthday, nigel. i can’t believe you went into the cemetery so close to halloween. you are waaaaaaay more brave than i am!!

  2. Cheryl

    Congratulations on turning 14, Nigel! Your big day sounded like lots of fun! Say “Hi!” to the wallabies for me the next time you’re at the petting zoo because they’re my favorite and I don’t get to visit them very often! Nick and Tyler are really looking forward to sharing Halloween with you! See you then, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  3. Cristina

    Happy Birthday Nigel, my son DJ will be 14 very soon ( a little over a month too) . It sounds like you had an awsome FUN last day as a thirteen day ! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  4. Anastasia Savko

    Happy 14th Birthday, Nigel! It seems like just last month I was holding a little 1st Nephew Nigel in my arms–and now look how you’ve grown! I wish i could be there to wish you happy birthday in person, your Dad will be bringing you something from me in a couple days! Enjoy this year!

  5. Cody and Macrina

    Happy birthday nigel. You should be getting a package from us soon. We got you 2 good presents, plus a cd copy of the great pictures you took at our bbq. We also found a bonus gift that you may or may not like. It was cheap, so if you don’t like it, that o.k. it won’t hurt our feelings.

  6. Lex Savko

    Happy birthday Nigel! Aunt Niika and I are glad you had such a great time. We hope you have a happy Halloween this weekend. Thanks again for fixing the Odyssey!

  7. Grandma Madeline

    Happy 14th birthday, my first grandchild Nigel! I remember so many happy memories because of you, and I’m so glad you were born 14 years ago! I love you and love having you in my life! The last day of you being 13 forever sounds like you made it a good one. I will see you soon at your Halloween/B-day party. Big hug — Grandma.

  8. Grandpa

    Hi Nigel! Sorry I missed talking to you on your birthday. I was in Greece and returning home. Will send you a card and money gift tomorrow. Glad to hear you had such a great birthday and hope your party will be great too. Wish I could be there with you. You will always be my special first grandson! Love from…your Grandpa

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