Back to the Scene of the Crime

Nigel has begun his social skills class at the local middle school where he had been mainstreamed until last December. The class meets once a week and has a total of three students and a teacher. He was not looking forward to it.

“It burns! It burns!” he wailed as he writhed on the floor shielding himself, like Gollum. I had just walked him into the classroom and didn’t feel comfortable leaving him in such an agitated state, but I also thought that my presence was encouraging him to act out. I suggested he remember his “cool-down techniques” we had talked about, but he wasn’t responding. He had built things up in his mind to be more than he could handle. While waiting out in the hall a few minutes earlier, he had gasped and turned his head to the wall every time another student walked by, not wanting them to notice him, not wanting to be there at all.

Nigel: What if it’s one of my bullies and they see me?

Me: You’re with me, honey. They can’t say anything mean to you now.

Nigel: What do the bullies live off of if they can’t get me?

Me: They find someone else.

Nigel: There should be a school just for bullies to go to so they can bully each other.

Yeah. They can call it Bully U.

6 thoughts on “Back to the Scene of the Crime

  1. hellokittiemama

    bullying sucks.

    My son has been the target of bullying – sadly he didn’t/doesn’t respond or even appear to “get” that he was bullied. But he did say to me later on that the bullykid “made him feel sad”… so that lead me to believe he did ‘get it’. Broke my heart.

    Bullies SUCK!

  2. mama mara

    It’s sad that it’s usually the bully victims who end up being home-schooled, while the bully gets to stay in class where they can torment others. Harumph.

  3. Fearless Females

    Thankfully right now Nick is not bullied, however I grew up with my brother being bullied and I had to watch and protect. It didn’t happen as much in high school because I was there, but I understand how it is. I feel for him. I thought kids nowadays were nicer and more accepting, I guess I was wrong.

  4. Tanya Savko Post author

    Hi Anastasia,

    From what the speech therapist told me when I picked up Nigel at the end of class, he took some time to calm himself down, but then he did all right. He knew one of other kids in the class from elementary school, so that was helpful. I’ll keep you posted!

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