Death to Poo-Chi

When brothers join forces, you know it’s for a good cause.  


Poo-Chi, a Christmas gift circa 2000, has been dismembered. You can bet that if it had been something I would have cared about, they would have been much quieter while doing it.

(My apologies to whichever relative had purchased this for them, but Poo-Chi has barked his last.)

3 thoughts on “Death to Poo-Chi

  1. mama mara

    After reading the cryptic conversation in your previous post, I fully expected you to report that your boys had built a droid.

    My condolencens to Poo-Chi.

  2. Tanya Savko Post author

    God only knows what they actually did with it. The head has disappeared. Apparently Nigel had plans for the ears, but I don’t know what . . .

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