The room cleaning saga continues . . .

Last night Nigel came up with a couple of things he wanted to look up on my computer (his – the one he shares with Aidan – is now defunct, due to an “accidental” yes click on a spyware pop-up) and I came up with another way to motivate him to clean his room. No computer use until the room is clean. That idea did not meet with much enthusiasm. He growled, rolled around on the living room floor, then grabbed a pen and a half-sheet of paper and went back to his room. A moment later he reappeared, marching into the living room holding a hand-printed sign at arm’s length:


                                             Children Against Cleaning Up Rooms

I tried to hide my smile, and then I made my own sign:


Mothers Against Messy Rooms

And then Nigel tried to hide his own smile. We picketed each other around the living room, marching and smiling, holding our signs out in front of us.

Aidan, entering: What the heck is this about?

Open warfare, my love. This is how we roll. And Nigel was in such a good mood afterward that he spent a half an hour picking up his room. Looks like laughter is the best offense.