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Brain wave therapy is truly amazing. It can heal illness, stop problem behavior, increase productivity and creativity, induce sleep, optimize learning and memory, aid in relaxation and stress release, and creates a meditative environment. Kelly Howell at, a leader in brain wave technology, offers this description of brain wave therapy:

First discovered by biophysicist Gerald Oster at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, brain wave audio technology sends pure, precisely tuned sound waves of different frequencies to your brain via stereo headphones. In his EEG research, Oster discovered that when different vibrations, or sound frequencies, are delivered to the brain separately through each ear (as with stereo headphones), the two hemispheres of the brain function together to “hear” not the external sound signals, but a third phantom signal. This signal is called a binaural beat, and it pulses at the exact mathematical difference between the two actual tones.

With Brain Sync programs, the binaural beat is then embedded in soothing music, helping the listener to easily attain the alternate brain wave pattern. The result is 30 or 60 minutes of peaceful meditation while your body and mind benefit from the healing frequencies.

I love Brain Sync’s programs, particularly Positive Thinking, Create Success, Deep Meditation, Deep Insight, Brain Massage, Ecstasy, Relieve Jet Lag, and Awakening Kundalini. I recently gave Mind Body Healing to my father, who is undergoing chemotherapy for colon cancer. Last year, a friend of mine who worked nights benefitted from Healing Sleep. The programs are highly effective.

And so I am wanting to have Nigel try brain wave therapy. Regarding using brain wave therapy with children, Brain Sync maintains “Brain wave centered programs are intended for adults only and are strongly not recommended for babies or children under the age of 15, as their brains are still developing.  If brainwave therapy is used for a child, it should be under the care, advisement and supervision of a healthcare professional.”

With that in mind, I decided to do some online research in the area of brain wave therapy, also called neurofeedback, and autism treatment, and found some positive articles. Bio-and neurofeedback programs involve equipment that monitors and measures the brain’s electrical activity instead of using the audio recordings of binaural beats embedded in music (like Brain Sync’s programs), but the goal is the same: to retrain, strengthen, and calm the brain through brain wave patterns.

Here is what I found at about using neurofeedback to treat autism:

A consultant to EEG Spectrum International, Inc., which developed the software and hardware interfaces for Neurotherapy and developed training courses for appropriate clinicians, Dr. Jarusiewicz also runs a non-profit organization, Atlantic Research Institute, Inc. A.R.I. develops and manages research projects using Neurotherapy, particularly in the area of autism, learning disabilities, disordered brain issues as well as addiction. Her study on the use of Neurotherapy has been published by the peer-reviewed journal, Journal of Neurotherapy, Volume 6(4), 2002. The results were impressive. She showed with statistical significance a change (lessening) of autism behaviors by 26% in an average of 36 sessions over 4.5 months. This was compared with a control group that used conventional methods of changing behaviors that achieved 3% change. All major issues improved for all children trained: speech, schoolwork, tantrums, socialization, anxiety and depression.
Dr. Betty is now working on a pilot project to enable parents of autistic children to conduct neurofeedback from home, with the help of a licensed clinician. She is also conducting a clinical trial for FDA approval for use of neurofeedback specifically for use in the autistic spectrum, which is in the planning and development stages.

This particular article was written in reference to an 8-year-old boy, so it sounds like age was not a factor for them. I have decided to have Nigel start with a Brain Sync program soon, and I will certainly post his progress here as we go. I’m optimistic!

8 thoughts on “Brain Wave Therapy

  1. Nicole

    My mom had a hemmorhagic stroke on 17 May 2009 and just underwent surgery yesterday on her right brain. Does anyone know if it’s safe to use brain wave therapy for recovery after she regains consciousness? Thank you.

  2. Tanya Savko Post author

    Hi Nicole,

    Thanks for stopping by. I would suggest going to the Brain Sync site at for further information and contacting them directly regarding this.

    Best wishes,

  3. Ahmed

    Hi, I have a little question, I’m 14 and I already listened to a session of a Brainsync program called “Super Learning” I listened all night to it, is it safe or should I stop?

  4. Tanya Savko Post author

    Hi Ahmed,

    Thanks for stopping by. I am not a medical doctor, nor am I affiliated with Brain Sync, so I cannot advise on this matter. I would suggest going to the Brain Sync site at for further information and contacting them directly regarding this.

    Best wishes,

  5. Tanya Savko Post author

    Hi Carmella,

    Thank you for your comment. As a fellow parent, and not a medical practitioner, I’m not qualified to say much about brain wave therapy beyond what is written in this post. I would advise contacting a biofeedback therapist for information.

    Best wishes,

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