Often over the years I’ve had relatives and friends ask me what my stand is on the vaccine/thimerosol issue. I’ve devised my own theory.

I believe that thimerosol is partly responsible for some cases of autism. What I emphatically believe is that in the last thirty years, large amounts of chemical toxins in our environment (including our food, air, and water) are contributing (not causing, but contributing) to the increase of autism cases, along with increased awareness for diagnosing the milder cases. Thimerosol in vaccines is included on my list of chemical toxins. But I certainly don’t believe that all cases of autism were caused by thimerosol.

When I was six months pregnant with Nigel, I experienced pre-term labor and was hospitalized while I received terbutaline intravenously. I have often wondered if the presence of this chemical affected Nigel’s development in utero. I believe he was genetically predisposed to autism, and the introduction of harsh chemicals through medication I received as well as the aggressive inoculation program thrust upon him after birth caused him to develop autism. It was the combination, not just one or the other.

Hence the variance of the spectrum. I think this theory also helps to explain why some severely autistic children can, with therapy, progress to mid-functioning or even high-funtioning levels, while others do not. It also explains why some autistic individuals respond so well to GF/CF diets, while others do not. Autism manifests itself differently in each individual because there are so many different causes and contributing factors.

I hope I live to see the day when we understand more of the complexities of autism, and maybe have some concrete answers. But for now I’ll have to be satisfied with my own interpretations, which will more than likely continue to evolve. What are yours?

6 thoughts on “Vaccines

  1. Carol Brannaka

    just started reading your stuff-thank you for publishing it, I look forward to more

  2. K Floortime lite mama

    you voiced my exact thoughts
    I dont understand why there is such a problem with going back to a slower schedule of vaccination
    I really dont know why parents need to choose between the AAP blind recommendations that the current schedule is just fine or become Jenny McCarthesque and denounce vaccines
    Where is the middle ground?
    Sometimes I feel like this would be the equivalent of having only two choices to vote for the Extreme RIght and the Extreme Left

  3. Donna Huntebrinker

    Enjoyed what I’ve read so far and for the most part I thought it was me and Austin…I’m looking to get hooked up with some type of support group for teens (16 😉 and that is how I happened on your page. Cant read it all right now but will save to Favorites to later come back. Thanks for sharing and I pray God’s blessing on you and your familiy!

  4. Tanya Savko Post author

    Hi Donna,

    Thanks so much for stopping by, and for your comment! If you have not already, I would suggest going to and click on the link for your state’s chapter. The chapter website should have listings for local chapter reps, and they can let you know if there’s a teen group in your area. Many blessings to you and your family as well!

    Best wishes,
    Tanya Savko

  5. suzanne

    my son was also diagnosed a long time ago 2001 specifically. Damian is 15 ys old and I am struggling to figure out how to direct him in this world. I am looking for resources, groups anything at this point. We were so proactive years ago and tried diets, therapies, protocols etc and now I feel like I’m desperately trying to find something again. We needed a break and now I feel overwhelmed again. Dame is high functioning which has it’s pro’s and con’s when needing help. I am not sure why I am sending you this…just happy to find a site!

  6. Tanya Savko Post author

    Hi Suzanne,
    Thanks for stopping by, and for your comment. The teen years are a different territory for autism parents, and it’s good to reach out and connect with those who are going through the same thing. I’m glad you did! Our journeys are all unique, but we have much in common and can learn from each other. When you’ve finished perusing all the categories of the Teen Autism site, feel free to check out my author site ( where I write about my son’s transition to adulthood (he’s now 18). Thanks again and I wish you well!

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